Tips and tricks for a successful Amour Toujours party

Book far enough in advance

For the party to be successful, you must book far enough in advance to allow time to invite your friends.

Select a definite date

You will need to fix a firm date. Whatever the date you choose, it is inevitable that someone won't be free.

Be between 8 and 12 people at the Amour Toujours party

The ideal number of participants is between 8 and 12. There is no specific rule but in general parties with around 10 people generally leave the best impression on the participants. Below, the group is too small for the atmosphere to be relaxed. Over 12 people, the Graine de Plaisir hostess cannot spend as much time as she would like to answer everyone's questions.*

*We advise you to invite twenty friends knowing that some will refuse the invitation and others unfortunately will plead off at the last moment.

Prepare the evening well in advance

The preparation is truly one of the most important keys for your successful party. The Graine de Plaisir hostess is trained to concoct the very best party possible to match up with your guests.

To enable her/him to best prepare your evening, the ideal is to meet up beforehand to discuss what you expect from this evening. If a meeting cannot be arranged, we recommend that you allow sufficient time on the telephone to your hostess for her to identify your needs and meet your expectations.

Set up a cosy and friendly atmosphere

It's your party, and as such, it is you who receive your friends. The warmth of the welcome will be the introduction to the success of the evening. Provide a comfortable place (you have discussed in advance with the Hostess) like a sofa for example, around which you can collect to discover the Graine de Plaisir range and enjoy snacks and a drink.

Feel free to suggest a theme for your hostess, it can enhance your guests" interest in the evening and can bring an extra playful side.

Provide a separate place for discretion

There is no obligation or minimum purchase. However, when ordering, each of your friends will perhaps have a personal question for the hostess. Everyone needs a little privacy and therefore will feel more comfortable if they can creep away for a few moments to place an order.

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