Any excuse is good to organise your 'Amour Toujours' party

It is always a good opportunity to organise an unforgettable evening :

Whether to finally organise the girlie evening you've talked about for ages, to discover the world of sexy chic so much talked about at the moment, or to better prepare the anniversary of the encounter with our men ... there always a good reason to organise a Graine de Plaisir party!

The themes are not lacking and your friends have probably already often thought of organising one of these famous sex toys parties without having the nerve to take the plunge.

Examples of events that might be a good reason to hold a party :

  • Hen night
  • Singles Evening
  • Anti-poker evening
  • Anti-football Evening
  • Birthday party
  • Special Valentine Evening
  • Special Bridget Jones evening
  • Special Christmas Gift Evening

Go for it, your friends and you will have a great time, as informative as it is playful. And after all, our men do not expect us to organise football or poker parties !

It's your turn! Claim your right to pleasure and let your Graine de Plaisir hostess show you the way.


Who are we ?
Graine de Plaisir is the rising brand specializing in home parties of chic and glamorous products. To become a consultant for Graine de Plaisir home parties is the safest way to increase your income in a significant way, while having fun.
Why hosting a sexy shopping home party ? To forget the everyday life, to have a good time with your friends, to spice up your life as a couple, for a bachelorette party, to discover novelties or simply for all these reasons at the same time. Are you tempted ? Get started ! Host a sexy shopping party at your place and earn free merchandises.
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