Become an IPV

What is an IPV ?

An IPV is an Independent Party Vendor.
She/he makes direct sales. Direct selling is out-of-store sales between a consumer and a vendor. This sale is concretised by the signing and dating of the order by the consumer.

Why become a IPV ?

Becoming an IPV allows you to earn money in two different ways :

  • In addition to paid employment, becoming an IPV allows you to increase your income considerably.
  • As a real career plan, if you have the ambition, energy and some managerial skills, then becoming an IPV is not a supplement but a full time and highly rewarding business.

Who can become an IPV ?

Everyone, with few exceptions; check with your employer if you are in the public sector.

IPV status is recognized by the FDS (Federation of Direct Selling). It allows you to become a true independent trader without the hassle and constraints of the normal entrepreneur.

You sell products that you do not store, you do not have to employ staff, you do not have accrued charges to pay and no administrative burden.

The benefits of becoming an IPV with Graine de Plaisir

  • You are your own boss
  • You choose your schedule
  • Less difficult than seeking employment
  • Ideal to supplement your income
  • Lots of human contact
  • Graine de Plaisir is above all a human-sized company

You are never alone.

How do I become an IPV with Graine de Plaisir ?

Its easy, CONTACT US




We will explain how to start.

Who are we ?
Graine de Plaisir is the rising brand specializing in home parties of chic and glamorous products. To become a consultant for Graine de Plaisir home parties is the safest way to increase your income in a significant way, while having fun.
Why hosting a sexy shopping home party ? To forget the everyday life, to have a good time with your friends, to spice up your life as a couple, for a bachelorette party, to discover novelties or simply for all these reasons at the same time. Are you tempted ? Get started ! Host a sexy shopping party at your place and earn free merchandises.
To become Independant Bussiness Associate (IBA) means to become independent but without all the administrative bothers. You manage your schedule as you please, you build a real career plan and it is the fastest way to increase your income while having fun. So if you wish to become a consultant Graine de Plaisir, contact us.
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