At the origin of all, a human adventure

Epanouis (Flourish). Here is the word that echoed in the heads of our two couples when, after a few days holiday with friends, they returned from the United States one night in November 2005.

It rained on the tarmac at Charles de Gaulle, the gusts of wind swept the rain violently across the tarmac, and there was that gloomy atmosphere of back from vacation worsened by this wet and cold reception.

At this time, our four friends had a busy life, Frank was CEO of a Web agency employing 70 people, Bertille an account manager in an advertising agency, Guillaume sales manager in a bank and Elise marketing manager for a prêt à porter brand.

Fulfilled, this word always trotted somewhere in their heads. Before resuming their hectic lives, they had to share a point : France had a shortage. This is what all 4 had felt when Elodie's friend who hosted them in the United States had taken them to Babeland in mid-afternoon.

"To better understand, I need you describe Babeland" Guillaume tells us: it is a very bright and very classy store, like a candy store where the sweets were massage oils and other lubricants and the chocolates were sex toys.

This is a store where lovers coming out of the restaurant, friends who come for a coffee next door, all meet and browse in full daylight and all the most natural way in the World. Nothing to do with this type of store in France that still sell DVDs and other tasteless products.

Can you imagine, this brand has existed since 1993 in the United States and we are still ashamed in France to talk about sexual fulfilment. What a pity when we know that talking about it is already halfway to happiness.

It is from this observation they decided not to leave without making a decision: try the entrepreneurial adventure together in building a brand that could fill this gap in France. Some months later, a first commercial site was born and a few years later, the Graine de Plaisir brand saw the light of day.

Graine de Plaisir, more than a brand, is a concept

In France we have a fairly strict moral code.
When, in some Anglo-Saxon countries, office colleagues share their latest purchase in lingerie or sex toys, it seems unthinkable in France to be "discovered" as a consumer of products for the development of the couple's pleasure, even if many of us find that a shame.

So the idea came about to bring these objects of pleasure to parties where chosen guests attend. Notwithstanding that this is a bit new, Graine de Plaisir does not settle for just selling products. The Brand attaches particular importance to support its customers in the use of its products. That is why we designed boxes which include products (ingredients), recipe (how to use these ingredients) and the screenplay to bring this sex aid into play.

Graine de Plaisir, products selected for their quality. Graine de Plaisir benefits from more than 5 years experience. That's why, with Graine de Plaisir you will find sound values and also all that is new on the market. Knowing that most of our own friends have tested some of the products.

For some time, we have crossed the world in search of the best new products.


Who are we ?
Graine de Plaisir is the rising brand specializing in home parties of chic and glamorous products. To become a consultant for Graine de Plaisir home parties is the safest way to increase your income in a significant way, while having fun.
Why hosting a sexy shopping home party ? To forget the everyday life, to have a good time with your friends, to spice up your life as a couple, for a bachelorette party, to discover novelties or simply for all these reasons at the same time. Are you tempted ? Get started ! Host a sexy shopping party at your place and earn free merchandises.
To become Independant Bussiness Associate (IBA) means to become independent but without all the administrative bothers. You manage your schedule as you please, you build a real career plan and it is the fastest way to increase your income while having fun. So if you wish to become a consultant Graine de Plaisir, contact us.
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