• Laurence from the southeast :

    I went into Graine de Plaisir with the firm intention of creating my team and building a new career. I am proud of this ! Thanks to my own fighting spirit, the tools proposed by headquarters, training and dynamic sales offers, today I have a team of 19 hostesses and I have no intention of stopping with something this good.

  • Sophie from Belgium :

    I joined Graine de Plaisir "to have a look" and finally, I developed a passion for this brand that I want to develop throughout my little Belgium.

  • Dany from the North :

    I was already IPV for other types of products and I met the head office team of Graine de Plaisir in 2011 ... Really accessible and responsive people. I did not hesitate a second to join the team, and now I take increasing pleasure in facilitating my Amour Toujours Parties.

  • Marie from Loir-et-Cher :

    At first I was afraid I would not find enough hostesses and therefore not enough parties. It is true that it does not fall from the sky ; but with the help of my mentor, support from head office and I must say, a good dose of willpower, I managed to pull it off and won the starter challenge. Today I have a good network of hostesses who hold regular Amour Toujours parties

  • Sabrina Périgord :

    I was a bit doubtful about my ability to use a sales pitch to sell Graine de Plaisir's slightly 'naughty' products. This was just my own reluctance. Everyone loves this brand, and ultimately it is this slightly teasing and original side that arouses curiosity and allows me to schedule lots of parties. In fact, I love it!

  • Audrey in the PACA region :

    Initially, I joined the Graine de Plaisir network to earn money. That happened fairly rapidly ... I can finally achieve my family projects and holidays ! In addition, I realized that what makes me progress with so much enthusiasm, is the team spirit!


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Graine de Plaisir is the rising brand specializing in home parties of chic and glamorous products. To become a consultant for Graine de Plaisir home parties is the safest way to increase your income in a significant way, while having fun.
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To become Independant Bussiness Associate (IBA) means to become independent but without all the administrative bothers. You manage your schedule as you please, you build a real career plan and it is the fastest way to increase your income while having fun. So if you wish to become a consultant Graine de Plaisir, contact us.
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